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Mrs Doubtfire RE-CUT

I stumbled across this great example of re-cutting trailers. In this case, Mrs Doubtfire has been turned from a comedy to a horror using a great selection of clips and music. By Peter Javidpour. Advertisements

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Movie Trailer Conventions

This clip from YouTube explains the common conventions used in Movie Trailers. This has also been discussed in previous lessons. To make YOUR trailer ‘believable’, you are advised to follow these conventions/patterns. Lets break it down: Trailers begin with a ratings advise followed by a studio logo, such as 20th Century Fox Montage of clips […]

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Media: Seinfeld ‘re-cut’

This re-cut trailer focuses on Kramer’s character in Seinfeld. A careful selection of clips merged together with a fantastic music track makes this a fantastic example for our Media Task.

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