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Opening a account

There are many ways to safely and securely store your personal files these days. One method in particular that is growing in popularity is ‘online storage’ which allows anyone with internet access to store, manage, share and sync files across multiple devices anywhere in the world. What’s better is that most services offer a free subscription! One […]

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MYARTNOTES title sequence

I’ve been truly inspired by a website called VideoCopilot which specialises in all things After Effects. Amongst all the plugins, clips and free stuff, I found a great tutorial which focuses on creating a 3D title sequence. In this case, I created a scene with floating particles with words that appear as the camera moves through […]

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adobe flash tutorial

Gradient Effects & Animated Backgrounds

A background setting can be particularly useful to create atmosphere or even a mood to your Flash animation. In this tutorial, we will be using a range of tools and techniques to build a background and bring it to life.

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Flash Animation – TARBOY

This is another brilliant example of what Flash can potentially do. This short animation is entitled Tarboy. Enjoy!

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Converse – Nascar: Flash Animation

In preparation for Digital Animation, I researched existing animations produced in Flash on Vimeo. This one in particular is quite funny and beautifully created. In this case, it appears that the animator has used a traditional frame-by-frame technique.   Converse – Nascar from Sherbet on Vimeo.

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Salad Fingers

Salad Fingers is a post-apocalyptic psychological horror Flash cartoon series originally created by British cartoonist David Firth in July 2004 which gained rapid internet popularity in 2005. The San Francisco Chronicle ranked it in the “Top 10” pop culture phenomena for that year.

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