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Year 7 Self Portraits

My Year 7 Art students recently submitted their self portraits and the results were amazing. It began with photograph that was later printed on A3 paper. This helped students to draw a proportionally accurate portrait onto the rectangular canvas board. Each student was assigned a color which could only be mixed with black and white to create the shadows […]

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Free Photography Folio Tasks

For the past 8 years, I have taught Senior School students Photography. My previous school even offered traditional black and white photography which is a beautiful medium to work with. Throughout the years, I have developed and designed a number of folio tasks to help students gain a better understanding of Photography. Tasks range from visually analyzing photographs, getting […]

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Short Animation

This semester, digital animation students in year 9 & 10 submitted a short animation produced in Adobe Flash. It was a lengthy processes which involved thorough planning before moving into production. Drawing on inspiration from Aardmans short animations, this submission comes from S Waters entitled ‘The Woods’.  

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