What is Narrative?

Narrative is simply a word for describing the plot or storyline of a film. Most mainstream films follow a very straightforward, linear structure. At the beginning of the narrative, the audience is introduced to the central characters. There is some kind of disruption to the normal state of affairs which leads to a series of problems and complications that the characters must deal with. The narrative pushes towards a resolution – sometimes happy, sometimes not – where the problem is solved. Increasingly, filmmakers are experimenting with different types of narratives. In Run Lola Run, witer and director Tom Tykwer uses a circular narrative in which events keep repeating themselves. Some films use flashbacks. These narratives are often described as ‘non-linear’ because the events don’t occur in order.

What is Genre?

Genre is a French word that means ‘type’. In Media Studies, we classify films into different genres. When you walk around your local video store or browse through films to buy online, they are often categorised into genres. Some notable genres include: action, adventure , comedy, crime, epic films, horror, musicals, science fiction, war films, westerns and film noir. Sometimes, films cannot be easily classified into a single genre. Back to the Future Part III is a good example, because it is a science-fiction film, western and comedy. The conventions of a genre are the elements that commonly occur in such films, they may include things like characters, situations, settings, props, themes and events. For example, a convention of the science-fiction genre is that the narrative often incorporates advanced technology. Here is a list of genres that you can read about further: ActionAdventureComedyCrimeEpic FilmsHorrorMusicalsScience FictionWar FilmsWesternsFilm Noir.

Short Movie Analysis

A wise man once said, “Memory is a way of holding on to the things you love, the things you are, the things you never want to lose”.

Memories are often all we have of past times and past loves, but what if we lost these memories, how would not remembering the there and then, affect us in the here and now.

Written and Directed by Briand, Apricot tells the story of a young couple on a date early in their relationship, they sit in a restaurant, reminiscing of first kisses and first loves over a fresh cup of coffee. However, as the date progresses it quickly becomes apparent that this trip down memory lane has an ulterior motive for one of the potential lovers.


Narrative > A film analysis

  Students are asked to analyse a short movie entitled APRICOT – directed by Ben Briand.


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