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Re-Cutting Trailer Exercise

Mrs Doubtfire RE-CUT

I stumbled across this great example of re-cutting trailers. In this case, Mrs Doubtfire has been turned from a comedy to a horror using a great selection of clips and music. By Peter Javidpour. Advertisements

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Exploring 3D Motion Tracking

I was recently browsing some YouTube clips that had 3D models composited into some basic video footage.  After a little research, I looked into some applications that specialised in 3D motion tracking. With the help of Adobe After Effects, Boujou and Newtek’s Lightwave, I was able to implement some of my own models into some […]

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Turning Text To Sand

I’ve been recently introduced to a range of new effects and plugins from Red Giant Software. I spent some time over the weekend exploring ‘form’ which has some serious power and has the ability to do some really cool stuff with particles. In this example I converted some text into a layer of particles that would disintegrate, twist […]

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TUTORIAL: Animating Particles in After Effects

I previously posted an animated title sequence created in After Effects. There were a number of requests for a tutorial, so here it is!

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House Of Cards in After Effects

I recently had a chance to explore more plug-ins from Trapcode in After Effects. One in particular was ‘Form’ which allows you to manipulate layers of particles and wrap/distort them around shapes and accompanying movies. When exploring that vast array of features I stumbled an effects that was comparable to the House of Cards video-clip from Radiohead. Here’s a […]

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Exploring Particles in After Effects

I noticed a number of great clips on YouTube that used particles to paint logos and text. I tried to emulate them using Adobe After Effects with resulted in some interesting effects. In this  example, I traced the letter ‘M’ using particle effects in 3D space.

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