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Free Photography Folio Tasks

For the past 8 years, I have taught Senior School students Photography. My previous school even offered traditional black and white photography which is a beautiful medium to work with. Throughout the years, I have developed and designed a number of folio tasks to help students gain a better understanding of Photography. Tasks range from visually analyzing photographs, getting […]

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Opening a account

There are many ways to safely and securely store your personal files these days. One method in particular that is growing in popularity is ‘online storage’ which allows anyone with internet access to store, manage, share and sync files across multiple devices anywhere in the world. What’s better is that most services offer a free subscription! One […]

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MYARTNOTES title sequence

I’ve been truly inspired by a website called VideoCopilot which specialises in all things After Effects. Amongst all the plugins, clips and free stuff, I found a great tutorial which focuses on creating a 3D title sequence. In this case, I created a scene with floating particles with words that appear as the camera moves through […]

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Mrs Doubtfire RE-CUT

I stumbled across this great example of re-cutting trailers. In this case, Mrs Doubtfire has been turned from a comedy to a horror using a great selection of clips and music. By Peter Javidpour.

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Exploring 3D Motion Tracking

I was recently browsing some YouTube clips that had 3D models composited into some basic video footage.  After a little research, I looked into some applications that specialised in 3D motion tracking. With the help of Adobe After Effects, Boujou and Newtek’s Lightwave, I was able to implement some of my own models into some […]

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Turning Text To Sand

I’ve been recently introduced to a range of new effects and plugins from Red Giant Software. I spent some time over the weekend exploring ‘form’ which has some serious power and has the ability to do some really cool stuff with particles. In this example I converted some text into a layer of particles that would disintegrate, twist […]

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