Story/Production Elements


La sortie des usines Lumière (three different versions) Movies for mass public consumption are considered to be the invention of Auguste and Louis Lumiere. The Lumiere brothers envisioned movies as public showings.


In Media, production elements refer to elements that you can see on screen in a narrative. Production elements include: camera/film/video techniques and qualities including shot selection, movement and focus; lighting, including naturalistic and expressive; visual composition and mise en scene; acting; sound, including dialogue, music and sound effects; editing/vision and sound design and mixing, including style, techniques, placement, pace and rhythm of editing.



Lighting not only allows an audience to see the action, it shapes and frames this action, draws attention to objects, the characters and actions – thus illuminating far mor than whats on screen.



  It is often said that the best films are those in which every shot is a beautifully composed photograph.The camera is rarely neutral; it positions the audience to read a character, location or event subjectively. The way a shot is constructed tells us about the goodies and baddies, hope and fear, power and inequality, love and hate. It controls not only what is seen, but how its seen.


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