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MYARTNOTES title sequence

I’ve been truly inspired by a website called VideoCopilot which specialises in all things After Effects. Amongst all the plugins, clips and free stuff, I found a great tutorial which focuses on creating a 3D title sequence. In this case, I created a scene with floating particles with words that appear as the camera moves through […]

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1st Birthday Photos

Over the weekend I borrowed a Canon 60D SLR camera to take photos of a 1st Birthday. It was great fun interacting with the kids whilst taking photos. They can be so unpredictable! Here’s a small sample:

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What is ISO?

  ISO is the measurement of how sensitive a digital camera’s sensor is to light. The speed or light-sensitivity of a digital camera’s sensor is rated in ISO numbers — the lower the number, the slower the response to light. Higher ISO numbers indicate a higher sensitivity to light, so less time is needed to […]

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