MYARTNOTES title sequence

I’ve been truly inspired by a website called VideoCopilot which specialises in all things After Effects. Amongst all the plugins, clips and free stuff, I found a great tutorial which ...

Salad Fingers

Salad Fingers is a post-apocalyptic psychological horror Flash cartoon series originally created by British cartoonist David Firth in July 2004 which gained rapid internet popularity in 2005. The San Francisco ...

House Of Cards in After Effects

I recently had a chance to explore more plug-ins from Trapcode in After Effects. One in particular was ‘Form’ which allows you to manipulate layers of particles and wrap/distort them around shapes ...


Opening a account

There are many ways to safely and securely store your personal files ...
one point perspective

One Point Perspective

Here is another fantastic one-point perspective drawing from a Year 7 student ...

Exploring 3D Motion Tracking

I was recently browsing some YouTube clips that had 3D models composited ...

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Year 7 Self Portraits

My Year 7 Art students recently submitted their self portraits and the results were amazing. It began with photograph that was later printed on A3 paper. This helped students to draw a proportionally accurate portrait onto the rectangular canvas board. Each student was assigned a color which could only be mixed with black and white to create the shadows […]

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Free Photography Folio Tasks

For the past 8 years, I have taught Senior School students Photography. My previous school even offered traditional black and white photography which is a beautiful medium to work with. Throughout the years, I have developed and designed a number of folio tasks to help students gain a better understanding of Photography. Tasks range from visually analyzing photographs, getting […]

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Taking Risks

A large component in Visual Communication and Design is the ‘design process’. Students assume the roles of a professional designer working with a fictional client to solve a communication need. A lot of time and effort (particularly in Year Twelve) is spent on throughout this process to ensure the best outcome/result. Students recently completed a SAT […]

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Free Billing Block Font & Template is the Web Site that keeps on giving. A lot of what I learn in Adobe After Effects comes from this Site. It’s chock full of great tutorials, projects and plug ins. Whilst browsing through their blog today, there was a useful post that offered a free template for block titles and credits often […]

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One Point Perspective

This Term, my Year 7 Art class was introduced to perspective drawing methods. Specifically, we focussed on how ‘one-point perspective’ is commonly used in paintings & drawing to create the illusion of depth and space. Students were asked to complete their own one-point perspective drawings and render them using coloured-pencil. Here is a finished product!

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adobe flash tutorial

Gradient Effects & Animated Backgrounds

A background setting can be particularly useful to create atmosphere or even a mood to your Flash animation. In this tutorial, we will be using a range of tools and techniques to build a background and bring it to life.

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