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Exploring 3D Motion Tracking

I was recently browsing some YouTube clips that had 3D models composited into some basic video footage.  After a little research, I looked into some applications that specialised in 3D motion tracking. With the help of Adobe After Effects, Boujou and Newtek’s Lightwave, I was able to implement some of my own models into some […]

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Brick Wall Collapsing

This 3D animation was created using Lightwave. The brick wall began as a simple square shape that was broken down into segments. A series of pug-ins and effects were applied to the wall so it would react to gravity and surrounding objects. In this case, the ball pushes through the collapsing wall and collects individual bricks along the way.

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Coca-Cola Bottles

As a teacher of Digital Animation, I’m always looking for new ways to deliver the course. Up to this point, students have been bound by what the Adobe Creative Suite offers (which is certainly not a bad thing); however, students have struggled to engage with Flash which has been our core animation program. Recently, I’ve […]

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