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Free Billing Block Font & Template

Videocopilot.net is the Web Site that keeps on giving. A lot of what I learn in Adobe After Effects comes from this Site. It’s chock full of great tutorials, projects and plug ins. Whilst browsing through their blog today, there was a useful post that offered a free template for block titles and credits often […]

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MYARTNOTES title sequence

I’ve been truly inspired by a website called VideoCopilot which specialises in all things After Effects. Amongst all the plugins, clips and free stuff, I found a great tutorial which focuses on creating a 3D title sequence. In this case, I created a scene with floating particles with words that appear as the camera moves through […]

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Mrs Doubtfire RE-CUT

I stumbled across this great example of re-cutting trailers. In this case, Mrs Doubtfire has been turned from a comedy to a horror using a great selection of clips and music. By Peter Javidpour.

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3D Text in After Effects

In an attempt to broaden the Digital Animation curriculum, I will be introducing some animation techniques that involve Adobe After Effects. Here’s a simple title sequence I created using a static image and 3D text. I will be publishing tutorials to use in the classroom shortly. (and, yes that is a photo of Wisteria Lane […]

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Floating Orbs

My interest for film and composting has grown significantly since being introduced to After Effects. Its an incredibly powerful program that allows you to create motion graphics and video effects. Thanks to a number of great online resources, I was able to teach myself the basics of compositing. This example was created using a simple photo with overlapping particles and […]

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Thoughts on Vimeo

Why has is taken so long to discover Vimeo? As like most of the general population, I have relied on YouTube to find tutorials, short movies and animations. Often it would result in wasting valuable time watching people back-flip off the roofs of houses and amateurs  singing to their own web-cams in the hope it […]

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