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There are many ways to safely and securely store your personal files these days. One method in particular that is growing in popularity is ‘online storage’ which allows anyone with internet access to store, manage, share and sync files across multiple devices anywhere in the world. What’s better is that most services offer a free subscription!

One ‘online cloud storage’ service I favor is which gives individual subscribers 5gb worth of storage at no cost! Furthermore, you can access these files on just about any device such as you PC, MAC or smartphone. Users can also share files easily with other ‘’ users which is a great alternative to emailing.

Here’s how to set-up a new (free) account:

  • Head over to and select the ‘sign-up’ option.
  • Add your details including your email and select ‘continue’
  • An email will be sent to you for verification

When logged in, you will be presented with an intuitive ‘user-interface’. From here,  you can create folders, upload files, rename them, and download them. BOX users even have the ability to comment and assign tasks to their files which could be particularly useful when working in a team environment. can allow you to share content with other subscribers. This means that you can quickly send files of any format and of any size which is much more flexible than emailing and much safer than transferring it via a USB.

Here’s how to share a folder:

  • Create a NEW FOLDER and name it
  • Open the folder and select the ‘Invite Collaborators’
  • Enter the email address of the person you wish to collaborate with
  • When the user(s) accept the invite, both BOX subscribers will have the ability to alter the content of the folder.

For more information on this great service, visit:


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