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Taking Risks

A large component in Visual Communication and Design is the ‘design process’. Students assume the roles of a professional designer working with a fictional client to solve a communication need. A lot of time and effort (particularly in Year Twelve) is spent on throughout this process to ensure the best outcome/result. Students recently completed a SAT […]

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Analysis Through Observation

Chapter 9; Introduction: Visual communications are a reflection of their time, and often depict the fashion, taste and trends of a period. The impact of social change can be clearly seen in many areas of design including fashion, architecture, graphic design and product design. Materials and media used in the production of visual communications change […]

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Final Presentations

The production of the final design concept will be determined by the design brief, and its appearance and presentation is the result of the progression of the concept through the generation, development and refinement stages. The Unit 4 folio consists of TWO final presentations, which must be distinct in terms of purpose, context and presentation […]

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Magazines Available!

The Art Department has subscriptions to a number of different magazines such as ‘Professional Photographer’, ‘Arts Illustration’ & ‘Inside Out’. These feature fantastic articles, images and even interactive CD’s that will no doubt inspire students – particularly those studying Senior Art & Design. These are kept in the art office – if you would like to have […]

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Annotations and analysis

During the ‘design process’ you are required to use annotations to explain and anlayse the design decisions you have made in your development of design concepts. You annotations should demonstrate a good grasp of terminology from the Visual Communication and Design study, and should justify the direction that your design decisions have taken. Annotation should […]

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Vis Comm

UNIT 2 – Ideation Phase

Freehand sketching of initial ideas created during brainstorming is, perhaps, the most valuable method of idea generation. Visual thinking is a term used to describe brainstorming. Thoughts, ideas and concepts may be extremely vague in the initial stages of the design process but through drawing they can be more clearly explored. This stage of the […]

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