Assessment Tasks

MINOR TASK ONE – How far have we come?

  The first task encourages students to research existing animation on the internet and answer a series a simple questions based on their findings. The following document is an ELECTRONIC FORM. Students should print the document and submit by the NEXT PERIOD.




The walk cycle is one of the most important learning concepts in animation–and also one of the most technically difficult, because it requires so much attention to the movement of opposing limbs.However difficult, though, if you can learn to master a walk cycle then you can animate just about anything.There are many types of walk cycles, and you can vary the motion to match your character or his/her mood; you can do bouncy walks, shuffling walks, casual slouches. But the first and simplest is the standard upright walk, viewed from the side–and that’s what we’re going to attack in simplified form today.

Download foot-step sound effects to use for your walk-cycle:



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