School Assessed Task

The Unit 4 School Assessed Task (SAT) consists of a design brief, development work and two final visual communication presentations.

In Unit 4 you have the option of working with a design brief created to suit a personal interest. You may choose to use a ‘real’ client who has a stated communication need. In choosing a focus of your ‘School Assessed Task’, keep the assessment criteria in mind to make sure that you have a subject that is broad enough to cover all the requirements.

Before you begin working on your Folio, you need to have a clear idea of what you are working towards. You will find it helpful to brainstorm ideas for your Folio. Once you have come up with ideas, fill in the table to focus your ideas before writing the design brief. Use the following example as a guide:

  • Task will be uploaded shortly

PART ONE – The Communication Need

  Have a look at a previous Visual Communication & Design students Unit 4 folio. This was submitted for top designs in previous years.

Use this checklist to ensure you stay on track throughout the term.

SOURCE: Nelson Visual Communication & Design Text-Book


Unit 4 Outcome 1

The design brief is the starting point from which the final two visual communication presentations are produced. Your design brief should outline the requirements and expectations of your client, including the design requirements, purpose, context, design constraints and intended target audience. Your brief should also detail the final resolutions and subsequent final presentations that will be produced at the completion of the design brief.

Writing a design brief

Ensure that the brief is broad enough to give you scope but contains enough detail to give you clear directions to begin. Remember that your final Folio and two final presentations are assessed against the brief.


PART ONE – The Communication Need

  To begin with, students are asked to complete the following form which aims to assist you with writing the communication need.This can be emailed or printed for submission.

SOURCE: Visual Communication & Design Text-Book

Design Concept Development

As with all of your development work, it is important to plan your approach. You need to be aware of the criteria for assessment as this has a direct influence on the content of your folio.

Read the assessment criteria

You will be provided with an assessment sheet that indicates skills and content required to achieve success. It is recommended that you keep a copy of this sheet and refer to it as you develop your folio.

Organise your workbook

As with your design development, a well-organised workbook will assist the design process and help you identify any gaps.

Beware of the timeline

The Unit 4 folio has a tight time-frame. Find out when the deadline is and focus on reaching it with time to spare before the final evaluation and refinement. Keep in mind that you are working toward two final presentations.

Show off!

The Unit 4 folio is an opportunity to showcase your design interests and skills. You have a great deal of freedom in your choice of client and the scope of the design task. Use this opportunity to extend and challenge yourself!


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