Photography Tasks

May 23rd

I have constructed  two tasks that I would like all students to attempt during the double period. They have been specifically designed to build your understanding of Adobe Illustrator and will involve using the photos that have been taken throughout the semester.

TASK ONE – Abstract Photography

What is abstract photography?

Handily, there isn’t really a defined meaning or explanation of what abstract photography entails, and in the same regard to abstract art, the content of the work is essentially unimportant and often entirely ambiguous. What does take precedence is the form, colour, line and texture within the composition, to create a piece that is visually stimulating. With regard to abstract photography, you don’t need any sort of special equipment, just a camera, any camera you like, and your imagination.

Here are some examples:



Download one of the following templates.

Your task is to present seven abstract photographs in the spaces provided. Before you begin, you will need to open the layer pallet (F7) and select ‘student layer’. When this is done, you should be able to place the images and move them into place.

When you have completed the task, you should save it as a .PDF file.

TASK TWO – Magazine Cover

You next task allows you a lot of creative freedom. You are asked to create a conventional magazine cover which includes a featured image, a heading & textual information.

What kind of magazine you produce is up to you, but it MUST contain your photographs and it MUST be designed in Adobe Illustrator.

The following is how a typical magazine cover is constructed:

How do I begin?

  • Before you begin, you should research existing magazine covers to get ideas and inspiration. Decide on what kind of magazine you which to design – this should be based on the kind of photographs you have taken this semester.
  • Start a brand new Adobe Illustrator file. Your canvas should be A4 in size
  • Place the image(s) into the composition and explore text and text placements.
  • When complete – save your document as a .PDF.

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