Taking Risks

A large component in Visual Communication and Design is the ‘design process’. Students assume the roles of a professional designer working with a fictional client to solve a communication need. A lot of time and effort (particularly in Year Twelve) is spent on throughout this process to ensure the best outcome/result.

Students recently completed a SAT (School Assessed Task) which involves creating two final presentations/visual communications for a fictional client. As they begin to focus their attention on the final examination, I have had a little time to reflect on what has been an exciting year.

Year 12 Development WorkWith such tight time-frames, most students are inevitable going to ‘stay safe’. They don’t tend to push the boundaries and think ‘outside the square’ at the risk of things going wrong and deadlines not being met. Banksy once said; ‘think outside the box, then collapse the box and stick a knife to it’ – personally, I couldn’t agree more. Students are in the fortunate position to create so many beautiful things and improve on what we have and what we do. Design is all about taking risks and challenging one’s self – this is what makes you stand out and what makes you different.

Those students that wish to continue studying Art and Design at a Tertiary level will most likely be required to attend an interview to showcase their folio work. It is those risks that can help you to grow, stand out and be noticeable in what is a very competitive field.

“You have to risk going too far to discover how far you can really go” John Rohn – American Speaker.


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