BOX.COM Online Storage Solution

Sick and tired of losing your important files? There are many online storage solutions including Dropbox and Sugarsync, but there is one in particular that has caught my attention. (formally is an intuitive, user friendly solution that offers a free 5gb package for individuals who sign up.  For those that were fortunate to take advantage of earlier specials were kindly offered 50gb packages which trumps it competitors 10 fold.

Generally speaking, shares many similarities with Dropbox and Sugarsync; however, the interface and user-friendly controls make this application a much more attractive choice. Furthermore, you can assign tasks and comment on each file which is great for collaborating with other students & colleagues. Box now has a growing list of additional applications that can be applied/installed to enhance your experience and improve work flow. ‘Box Edit’, for example, allows you to seamlessly access your ‘Box’ file from a desktop application, edit it, and save back to the cloud in just a few clicks. Simple and efficient.

For those who don’t mind forking out some cash, users can upgrade their subscriptions to access additional features and functions. This is where the cracks begin to appear. Some of these paid features can be found in free subscriptions from Dropbox and SugarSync (such as syncing desktop files); furthermore, you need to sign up with a minimum of three individual collaborators.

For those needing a simple solution to store and share, a FREE account should be more than sufficient despite these minor flaws. Furthermore, it can be downloaded and accessed on almost every device including your iPhone and Android. Find more information at


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