Happy Tree Friends



Happy Tree Friends is an American Flash cartoon created and developed by Aubrey Ankrum, Rhode Montijo, Kenn Navarro and Warren Graff. The show has become a popular Internet phenomenon and has achieved a cult following.

As indicated on the official site, it is “not recommended for children under 10”. Despite its childish appearance & cute name, the show is extremely violent, with almost every episode featuring blood, pain, and gruesome deaths. The portrayal of death inHappy Tree Friends is usually graphic and exaggerated, depicting bloodshed and dismemberment in a vivid manner. The episodes last from between 1 to 7 minutes.

The show is nearly free of dialogue, and when the characters do speak, it is mostly in gibberish with some simple English words. According to the website, the idea for Happy Tree Friends was conceived by Rhode Montijo when he drew a yellow rabbit slightly resembling the character Cuddles on a piece of paper and wrote “Resistance is futile” underneath it.

In 2006, a Television Series featuring longer episodes aired. A spin-off called Ka-Pow! premiered on September 2, 2008, Happy Tree Friends was announced to return with a new holiday episode in December and Wild Brain (the former animation studio of Season 1-2)’s 50% divisions over Six Point Harness and “Ghostbot” will be the new animation studios for the series.


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