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Visual Communication is a bridge between an idea and its intended audience. In the fields of architecture, engineering, graphic, industrial and multimedia design, advertising and marketing, cartography and fashion, for example, visual communicators use text and/or image to communicate information.

Visual Communication Design Study Design


It is important that students come prepared to each class next year.

  • A3 folio; to store and present work
  • Visual Communication & Design textbook
  • Fine-liners, pencils (basic drawing equipment) > whilst the department has a supply of each, it is highly recommended that you obtain your own.
  • MONEY ON PRINT ACCOUNT > design subjects often require more printing than most other students. Your print balance needs to be carefully monitored and topped-up when required.

UNIT 3 – SAC 1:

The main purpose of this unit is to enable students to develop an understanding of visual communication production through the application of the design process to satisfy specific communication needs. Within the unit, students consider existing visual communication and analyse and evaluate examples. Students will also investigate the production of visual communications in a professional setting and examine the nature of professional practice in the design and production of visual communications.

How do I start?

A common issue during the Design Process is time management. If students do not adhere to timelines and are simply not organised, it can severely affect the quality of work. With this in mind, students are encouraged to thoroughly prepare during the 6 week break. This can ease some of the pressure in the early stages of Unit 3.

  • To begin with; read PART C of the visual communication textbook. This will help you to understand what is involved and what needs to be included.
  • Brainstorm ideas: Technically, you can choose any concept for the Unit 3 folio, but there are some ideas that are much more suitable. Use Appendix A from the text-book (pg 269) to assist you with this.
  • Read the criteria sheet: This will help you understand what you are being assessed on. Furthermore, it may also assist you in choosing your communication need.
  • Research ideas: Collect materials that have inspired you to choose this idea (brochures, posters, packaging etc).
  • Complete a draft Design Brief: use the template to assist you in completing this. Remember, this is just a starting point. Next year we will discuss your idea in class and make changes to the brief if necessary.


  • Writing the communication need > electronic .PDF
    This .PDF can be filled out electronically – submissions should be made via email over the holidays.
  • 2011 Criteria Sheet > .PDF
    Refer to this years criteria sheet for SAC 1 – this may assist you with your ideas
  • 2011 Timeline > .PDF
    Refer to this years timeline – this will assist in planning and preparing for 2012
  • Top Designs Presentation > .PDF
    In 2011, Vis. Comm students attended a Top Design presentation. This document was provided by one of the speakers, and outlines all the requirements for Unit 3 & 4.
  • Unit 3 Checklist > .PDF
    This document briefly describes the essential components that are required in the Unit 3 SAC.

Any questions?

If you have any questions about Unit 3, please complete the following form:



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