Analysis Through Observation

Chapter 9; Introduction:

  • Visual communications are a reflection of their time, and often depict the fashion, taste and trends of a period.
  • The impact of social change can be clearly seen in many areas of design including fashion, architecture, graphic design and product design.
  • Materials and media used in the production of visual communications change due to the influences of new technologies and concerns about ongoing environment.


Design an explanatory diagram that depicts the characteristics of your selected design movement. Use imagery and examples from key designers of that period. Incorporate visual means to describe the influence that movement has had through history.
Note: this task requires the analysis of work from key designers in your movement. Specifically, you should discuss elements & principles, materials, methods and media. By doing this, it will greatly assist in preparation for the end of year exam.

Due: Wednesday 2nd November



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Teacher of Visual Arts

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