Visual Communication & Design SAT – 33% of overall mark

  • In comparison to previous years, students performed exceptionally well in the SAT.
  • It’s pleasing to see students adhere to all the criteria and successfully produce a folio and 2 successful finals.
  • Design Briefs were generally quite good – most students achieved a VERY HIGH in this criteria
  • The freehand drawing and rendering component was the weakest. To achieve a VERY HIGH result, students needed push beyond simple diagrams and quick sketches. Detailed, refined drawings using a variety of media is required.
  • It was pleasing to see students move beyond their comfort zones and explore various materials, methods and media. Generally, students achieved a HIGH to VERY HIGH for this criteria.
  • In a lot of cases, all ELEMENTS and PRINCIPLES were NOT effectively explored nor discussed. Students often created PRINT MEDIA for a final presentation. In this case, you would be expected to explore various elements and layouts. When it came to this, students generally DID NOT explore this in enough detail and therefore didn’t achieve high results for this criteria.
  • This particular subject offers students the ability to acquire specialists to assist in the production of finals. Students are obviously expected to be involved in the process as much as possible and document their progress.
  • Students who designed, constructed and presented their finals entirely themselves were generally awarded higher marks.
  • Each of the THREE criteria (that focused on FINAL PRESENTATIONS), assessed BOTH FINALS. If one final was weak, then it effected the other. Consistency is the key.




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Teacher of Visual Arts

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