Short Animation Task

>>Short Animations are due:Friday 18th November

  • Submissions need to be puslished in SHOCKWAVE (.swf) FORMAT.
  • Attach the .swf to an email and send to:
  • Please DO NOT submit the Flash (.FLA) document – ONLY .SWF
Late submissions will have 10% of the overall marks deducted for each day it is late.


Categories: Animation


Teacher of Visual Arts

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2 Comments on “Short Animation Task”

  1. Hamzah
    November 19, 2011 at 1:23 am #

    Mr Rogers,
    Sorry that this is late. owing to the big storm on Friday, the internet at home broke down yesterday (no school because it is exam period), and as you may know the email systems are down today from the school’s internet upgrade. I figured the best workaround may be to post this to my Dropbox through this so you can get this over the weekend at least… hopefully this will work. If you right click and ‘save link as’ you should get the swf.

    Once again, sorry it’s late.
    Hamzah Brown

  2. Hamzah
    November 19, 2011 at 4:02 am #

    Mr Rogers,

    I’m very sorry for the delay in getting my Digital Animation to you by the due date. I have been plagued with a few last minute problems before submission: my home’s internet cut out due to the thunderstorm yesterday (I wasn’t at school because it’s exams) and today I couldn’t send it on email because the server is down. Anyhow, the emails are still down but I figured this would be my best way to hand this in (albeit a little late) but at least before the weekend is over.

    If you right click on the link and use ‘Save Link As’ then you should get the SWF as originally planned.

    Thank you and sorry once again,
    Hamzah Brown

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