Folio requirements allowed no CLASS TIME to study for PRACTICE EXAM; despite this, the results were rather disappointing. In some cases, questions were not attempted and very simple mistakes were made – this is unacceptable at a Year 12 level.

  • The exam is both PRACTICAL and ANALYTICAL. The exam focuses on material studied predominantly in UNIT 3.
  • When preparing for the FINAL EXAM; students should revise text-books and previous examinations provided by VCAA. There are other resources available at academic retail stores.
  • It is important in a practical exam such as this to maintain a consistent pace in order to address each question adequately
  • The average mark was: 56/101

Additional Information >>>

  • Class assessment PowerPoint presentation can be downloaded: Presentation – Oct 10.
  • The first section in the Vis-Comm exam will most likely consist of multiple choice, or short answer questions. Download this attached document to see example “Section One” questions from previous exams: Presentation – Oct 13
  • VCAA past exams and assessor notes: CLICK HERE
  • Freehand drawing and rendering Presentations: Presentation – Oc 17
  • Download the EXAM COVER for the 2011 Vis Comm examination: CLICK HERE
  • Answers for the class practice exam (October 19th) can be downloaded here: CLICK HERE
  • 23 QUESTIONS: this was the final class presentation testing students knowledge on the basics of Visual Communication & Design: CLICK HERE


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Teacher of Visual Arts

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