UNIT 2 – Ideation Phase

Vis Comm
Mind Map

Mind Mapping

Freehand sketching of initial ideas created during brainstorming is, perhaps, the most valuable method of idea generation. Visual thinking is a term used to describe brainstorming. Thoughts, ideas and concepts may be extremely vague in the initial stages of the design process but through drawing they can be more clearly explored.

This stage of the design process is about the generation of ideas and involves quick drawings drawn directly from observation or from material found during the research phase. Thumbnail sketches allow for the exploration of initial ideas that can later feed the development of more formal design concepts.

Tips: Generating Ideas

  • Never start with a blank page: Create a border or a title page. It may be a simple step, but it may help with the generation of ideas
  • Use your research imagery: Many of your ideas will come directly from research, so place the research itself on your drawing page. This will help give you the structure of a starting point
  • Use a concept map or word list

Students folios will be evaluated this week


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