Annotations and analysis



During the ‘design process’ you are required to use annotations to explain and anlayse the design decisions you have made in your development of design concepts. You annotations should demonstrate a good grasp of terminology from the Visual Communication and Design study, and should justify the direction that your design decisions have taken.

Annotation should describe your application of media, materials, methods, elements & principles, and analyze their effectiveness in line with the design brief. If your folio takes an environmental path, it is essential to clearly explain your design directions.

Analysing your own work gives you an opportunity to assess the efficacy of your ideas. Annotate as you work on ideas, and take a chance to observe your progress objectively. Refer back to the design brief or to your research to stay on track.

Tip: Annotate progressively!

Whatever you do, don’t leave annotations till the last minute! You should annotate your concepts as you develop them and while your ideas are fresh in your mind. Waiting until later to fill in the gaps will lead to ‘padding’ and notes are not relevant.


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